Art Trail at Parnell District School


Art Trail at Parnell District School

I have just been involved in a great project at Parnell School where 16 Artists collaborated with the students to produce some great Artworks that have changed the environment of their school. I collaborated with the students in rm 24 to create this wall work based on the games children have played over the 140 years that the school has been open.
Great to see a school valueing the Arts and the Artists that live in their community.


Artsight,Reuben Paterson and the Epilepsy Foundation

Had a fantastic meeting with artist Reuben Paterson and Brian Barnett from the Epilepsy Foundation New Zealand. Reuben is an ambassador for the foundation and Artsight is thrilled to be supporting their programme to provide workshops for those living with epilepsy.Check this programme and the work of the Foundation here:Image

new work in the Eden Terrace window gallery by Jasmine Kamante

Jasmine Kamante the truth seeker

Hung a beautiful new work in our Eden Terrace window gallery today by Jasmine Kamante. Jasmine is a classically trained artist who focuses on figurative narratives, she studied study classical and contemporary realistic drawing and painting techniques in ateliers in Florence and Paris

Jesper Sundwall’s new work in the Artsight gallery window…

I rehung our window gallery in Eden Terrace today. A beautifully painted still life by Jesper Sundwall. Check out the lemons up close, he told me a lovely story about how he had painted them first with store bought lemons but wasn’t satisfied until he repainted them using some old fashioned lemons from a friend’s tree.